Buy Shopping Gift Cards, eGift Cards & Amazon Gift Cards

Buy Shopping Gift Cards, eGift Cards & Amazon Gift Cards

Do you want to buy Steam games or Steam Wallet Cards with an Amazon Gift Card? Do you want to buy a Gift Card from Amazon? Both options are feasible, but some things are more complicated than you might think.


Amazon is already one of the best online stores to use when looking to save money. Prices are difficult to match because of their size. There are numerous reasons to choose amazon. When you consider its vast product selection, membership benefits from Amazon Prime, and the Subscribe and Save option, it’s easy to see why people love shopping at this e-commerce giant. But the first thing that comes across our minds is where to buy Amazon Cards. Please continue reading to know more about it!


However, despite reasonable prices and programs such as Amazon Prime, shopping on Amazon can be expensive. A few online shopping binges might drastically damage your bank account if you’re not careful. Anyhow the good part is that there are many ways to get free gift cards to limit your Amazon spending.


Why Amazon Gift Cards?

Amazon cards are so far one of the best inventions. It is extremely easy to buy and easy to use. Amazon cards do not have any limit, you can shop anything from any section which includes: 


  • Books 
  • DVD
  • Clothing 
  • Shoes
  • Home appliances 
  • Phones 
  • Computers 

Various Amazon Gift Card Formats

  • Gift Box
  • Gift Tag
  • Greeting Card
  • Mini Envelope
  • Bookmark
  • Gift Bag

Types Of Amazon Cards

You can get an amazon card from these three types: 

E-Gift cards: E-Gift cards can be redeemed using the recipient’s Amazon account and are sent directly to them through email.

Print-at-home gift cards: Printed gift cards can be placed inside an envelope for a somewhat more personalised touch, as the title suggests.

Mailing gift cards: You can buy an Amazon gift card online and have a real card delivered the following day for no additional cost or shipping fee.

Credit In Card: When checking out, all you need to do to use an Amazon gift card is enter its “code.” You can spread the credit across multiple purchases and there are no fees when you use the gift card to make a purchase. For example, if you have a $50 Amazon gift card and spend $30, the remaining gift card balance of $20 will be saved in your account for future use. 


Note: Also, you can purchase a single card from Amazon on its own or a “multi-pack” of multiple cards.

Find and buy Amazon gift cards straight on the website for the quickest, safest, and most convenient method of doing so in Australia. Log into your Amazon account by visiting the website. Lastly, select one of the ways listed below to purchase and use your gift card.

Get or send your favorite Amazon gift cards:


Email: Email is the best way to send or get your Amazon cards if you have the recipient’s email address

Facebook: The perfect platform to share your gifts and things on birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions. 

Printing at home :Isn’t it cute to deliver your gift in person? Get the name carved on your gift card.

Animated card: You can get animated cards for your friends and kids. Get cute and funny cards now!

Mail :This is a free-shipping procedure. 


where to buy amazon gift cards


Things To Think About When Purchasing Amazon Gift Cards


Amazon gift cards are amazing and versatile gifts that one can give. You can easily purchase and redeem an amazon gift card with a credit card in practically any currency, no matter where you are in the globe and where the receiver is. All you need to think about is where to get the amazon card. Consider using an electronic version for your gift card if all you know about the receiver is their email address. Delivering your Amazon gift card by Facebook or email assures quick delivery and lowers the possibility of the card going missing.


  • Direct shipments of physical Amazon gift cards from Amazon are not permitted in Australia. If you want to buy a real gift card, you can use a website service like ShippingXPS.
  • The buyer and the receiver of the Amazon gift card must sign up for an account on the website. There is no cost to register, and it only takes a few minutes.

How To Buy An Amazon Gift Card From ShippingXPS

Follow these easy steps mentioned below to order Amazon gift card from ShippingXPS

1. Sign up

        Visit ShippingXPS and sign into your account. If you don’t have an Amazon account yet, sign up now. The registration is free and it will only take a few minutes to set up.

2. Select the format 

      Once inside your account, click the module “Gift Card” button to get one. Decide on the format of the gift card you want to purchase.  Amazon gift cards are available in two formats: electronic, and physical. These gift cards can be delivered via email or Facebook, or via post to your recipient in a card or gift box. 

3. Select the type of gift card

      Gift cards are available for different occasions and you can get personalised gift cards. 

4. Amount of gift cards

     Choose how much you want to spend on gift cards by entering the Amazon gift card’s value.

5. Enter the quantity of gift cards  

      Decide how many gift cards you want. For instance, if you have entered the amount of $1000, you can get multiple cards in this amount.

6. Request the admin

     After entering the details of your type, amount and quantity. You can request the admin. Admin will get back to you after reviewing the availability of the gift cards.  

7. Get notified by the admin 

     After your request, the admin will notify you and will enable the payment method. 

8. Complete your order 

     Lastly, Choose a payment option, enter the needed details, and confirm the transaction. You have bought up an Amazon gift card. Congratulations! 

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