Gift Cards Service

ShippingXPS Gift Cards Service

ShippingXPS offer Physical gift cards and Electronic gift cards. Now you can easily shop from the USA whatever your heart desires. ShippingXPS help you get Gift Cards of famous brands like Amazon and Walmart Etc. Gifts cards also work as a credit card. You can use Gift Cards in online shopping and in stores.



Buying gift cards can be tricky but with Gift cards you are giving them what they want. Follow the steps to get your gift cards instantly: 

  • Login to your account, enter your email and password.
  • You will see the option of Services on the left side below. Tap Gift Card, once you have tapped you will see Add Request option on the right side.
  • Now decide which gift cards you want. Select the title, type, amount, and quality.   
  • There are two types of gift cards, physical and electronic. The price will change according to the selected type. 
  • You can type any Note to the admin in the note section below. 
  • To complete your request to the admin tap on the Send Request button below the note section.
  • Now that the admin has received your request, the admin will review if the cards are available or not. Admin will update the status by Accepted or Rejected. 
  • After the admin has updated your status, tap on Accept and Checkout and you will be able to select the address and proceed with the payment method. Enter the mentioned details and tap on the button Pay
  • Congratulations!!!!  you did it, now that the admin has attached the Gift Cards, you will be able to see them in your account.
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