How To Shop From The US To UAE With ShippingXPS?
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How To Shop From The US To UAE With ShippingXPS?

Are you a shopaholic in search of new products around the globe? Living in UAE and loving US products and brands? Well, no worries we have great news for you all shopping lovers, now you do not have to worry about shipping. You can shop in your comfort just order things that you love and need and rest is our responsibility. ShippingXPS is providing various services. If your credit card does not work at certain places you can use our Shop For Me service, where we can buy everything for you.

How To Shop From ShippingXPS?

ShippingXPS offers a wide range of international couriers and services that ship from the U.S. to the UAE. to shop from the US you need to sign in and become a member of ShippingXPS. With ShippingXPS you can shop with US shipping Address and save up to 80% on shipping charges. Our warehouse is located in Delaware therefore you can Tax-Free Shipping Address. Follow these easy steps to shop from ShippingXPS:

  • Sign in
  • Shop from the US
  • Select the shipping services

It is that simple!

How Much Is The Shipping From The U.S To UAE?

Estimate the shipping rates on the given shipping calculator to avoid any inconvenience later. Enter your address, and for all the shipments you will get the price of your package. ShippingXPS does not have any hidden and unnecessary charges unless you request any additional service. Get your shipment to your home address in UAE using our services.

Affordable International Shipping From The US To The UAE.

Millions of people shop from US online businesses throughout the year, taking advantage of massive US bargains. You don’t have to live in the United States to shop at US stores. The only problem people face while shopping in the US is shipping. Well, we are the solution to all your problem.

ShippingXPS is the most affordable way to ship from the United States to the United Arab Emirates! Although there are numerous alternatives, ShippingXPS is the most convenient! Because many US stores do not ship directly to the UAE, you will need to use a package forwarder to receive your package! ShippingXPS is not a pocket digger like others. ShippingXPS is a solution for companies that do not ship globally.

Why ShippingXPS?

You must be wondering why ShippingXPS when there are many other shipping companies. Buying things individually and getting them shipped is costly that’s where ShippingXPS comes in. You can save a huge amount on shipping with ShippingXPS.


Take your shopping experience to another level with ShippingXPS, Sign up and become a member of ShippingXPS in no time.

Tax-free shipment

Since our warehouse is in Delaware, therefore, there is no US tax on your shipment.

Consolidate your package.

You can combine multiple packages into one and get them shipped under one tracking number. This service not only saves you time but also costs.

Calculate your charges

You can have estimated charges on the given calculator.

75 days of free storage

Now you can shop without any rush and hassle-free.

Fast delivery

We work around the clock to provide you with the best and fast shipping services.

Responsive customer service

We are overwhelmed to respond and serve our valued customers. We will be more than happy to answer your queries.

Duty and taxes

You will be responsible to clear your duties and taxes from customs.

Shop Now

ShippingXPS provides so many possibilities for you! You will be able to shop from major US online sites and ship your items to reputable carriers at the most affordable prices! ShippingXPS gives you access to all online businesses and thousands of brands that deliver to the UAE.

Contact our customer care to know more about us!

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