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Multi-Piece Shipment Services

Are you shipping multiple packages to the same destination? Rather than shipping the packages one by one select Multi Piece Shipment. This will allow you to ship multiple packages to the same destination by grouping them under one master label. Allow you to save cost, time, and effort it will also allow you to track all your package under one tracking number period

Why Choose Us For "Multi-Piece Shipment" Service

It is now possible for ShippingXPS customers with MPS enabled to ship orders with multiple packages under a single AWB number, bringing efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction while reducing costs and time.

Faqs about multi-piece shipment

What is a multi-piece shipment?

A multi-piece shipment Service is a shipment that consists of more than one package or item. These packages or items are typically shipped together to the same recipient and address.

Why would I need to use a multi-piece shipment?

You might need to use a multi-piece shipment if you are shipping a large or bulky item that cannot fit in a single package, or if you have multiple items that need to be shipped together.

How do we prepare a multi-piece shipment?

To prepare a multi-piece shipment, you will need to package each item individually and then group them together. Make sure each package is properly labeled and secured to prevent damage during transit.

What information should I include on each package label?

Each package label should include the recipient's name and address, your return address, the weight and dimensions of the package, and any special handling instructions.

How do I track a multi-piece shipment?

You can track a multi-piece shipment using the tracking number provided by the shipping carrier. Make sure to keep track of each package's tracking number and monitor the status of each package as it is shipped.

Why should I choose ShippingXPS for the "Multi-Piece Shipment" service?

ShippingXPS offers a convenient and efficient multi-piece shipment service that enables you to send multiple packages under a single AWB number. This service saves you costs, time, and effort by streamlining your shipping process. With the ability to track all packages using one tracking number, you can enjoy improved visibility and manageability of your shipments.

How do we prepare a multi-piece shipment?

To prepare a multi-piece shipment:


Group the packages intended for the same destination.

Assign a single master label or AWB number to the shipment.

Ensure each individual package is properly labeled with essential information.

Prepare the necessary documentation for customs, if applicable.

Do ShippingXPS offer repackaging services?

Yes, the contents of your shipments will be painstakingly repackaged by our knowledgeable staff into a safe and effective consolidated shipping.

How can I trace my multi-piece shipment?

Once you have completed your order, you will be given a special tracking number that enables you to easily keep track of the progress and location of the combined package.

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