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ShippingXPS and Fishisfast are two well-known and reputed companies that provide complete solutions for international shipping needs. ShippingXPS vs Fishisfast – Not sure which one to choose as your trusted shipping partner? No worries this article will help you decide which shipping services will help you more. Let’s explore!!! 

Fishisfast and ShippingXPS

Both ShippingXPS and Fishisfast promote themselves as reputable international shipping intermediaries, working to make the process easier for clients and improve their entire experience. However, a closer look at their products and services reveals clear differences that set them apart.

Services Offered by ShippingXPS 

ShippingXPS offers a wide range of services that fits all your needs. The services includes: 

  • Shop For Me 
  • Consolidation 
  • Multi piece
  • Tax-free address 
  • Gift cards 
  • Packages 
  • Warehouse 
  • Insurance 
  • Additional request 
  • Self-service

Services Offered by Fishisfast

Fishisfast offers services that includes: 

  • FastBuy service
  • Consolidation 
  • Repackaging
  • Parcel forwarding 
  • Package inception

Cheaper and Affordable Shipping Services  

The consolidation and repackaging services offered by ShippingXPS are among its best features. Customers can save money on shipping and get faster delivery by combining multiple packages into a single shipment. Furthermore, ShippingXPS provides consumers with accurate cost estimates for shipping based on package dimensions, weight, and distance.

However, affordability is a huge factor that makes ShippingXPS a clear winner. Have a closer look!!!

As you can see a clear difference between the price of both the shipping providers in the images attached above. ShippingXPS is way cheaper than fishisfast. Furthermore, ShippingXPS partners with renowned delivery companies which allow you to decide according to your budget and needs. Also, the friendly user portal allows you to save time.

Shipping Calculator  

Based on package weight, and dimensions, this website’s calculator for shipping rates provides an easy way to estimate shipping costs. enables customers to efficiently plan shipments.


Shipping calculator of shippingXPS makes it standout of all the other companies that offers No Hidden Charges. Thus, customers can calculate their estimated cost within no time.

Turnaround Time

The turnaround time of ShippingXPS is 24-48 hours. Packages are effectively prepared for transportation through the consolidation and repackaging process, cutting down on processing and handling time. Furthermore, ShippingXPS’s transparent cost process facilitates making decisions more quickly. Their emphasis on helping customers with customs declarations further guarantees that items pass through customs quickly, resulting in a shorter turnaround time overall.

Whereas, Fishisfast has a longer turnaround time. They provide package forwarding services, response times could be impacted by the lack of thorough consolidation, repackaging alternatives, and transparent cost estimation. 

Free Address

ShippingXPS offers a free US address because they have a warehouse located in delaware. This location acts as a point of entry for easy international shipping. Additionally, this is the major factor that ShippingXPS is cost effective with quick turnaround times.

On the other hand, Fishisfast also provides a free US address, allowing clients from other countries to buy in the US. The overall value of the free address could be impacted by their restricted service and product selection, especially when compared to ShippingXPS.

Services For Customers Various Needs

The wide range of services offered by ShippingXPS meets a variety of shipping needs, including national and international deliveries. However, customers have the freedom to customize their shipping experience to meet their specific needs by selecting from a variety of shipping choices. Whereas, Fishisfast offers package forwarding services, but falls short of providing the full complement of services that ShippingXPS does.

Why ShippingXPS?

The benefits of using ShippingXPS as your international shipping partner include:

  • Customised 
  • Cost-effective shipping
  • Protection of the package
  • Online management
  • Delivery with Dependability
  • Notification and Tracking:
  • Storage option
  • Online guidance 
  • Customer Service 24/7

24/7 Customer Support 

Getting quality customer service along with other services doubles the treat. No? Well, ShippingXPS has a team of skilled people who aim to help and guide their customers no matter what. ShippingXPS takes pride in providing 100% transparent information about tax, insurance and other issues, which helps the customs clearance process go more smoothly. Additionally, what sets apart ShippingXPS is their dedication to providing client support throughout the shipment process. Keeping customers updated on everything.

While Fishisfast may provide some services, it falls short of ShippingXPS’ breadth and depth of knowledge when it comes to managing customs declarations or supplying dependable customer support.

ShippingXPS Takes the Crown

International shipping services are highly competitive, but ShippingXPS stands out as the best option. Its extensive offering of services, which includes consolidation, repackaging, clear price estimation, and customised answers for various demands, underlines its dedication to client pleasure and financial efficiency. 

While Fishisfast provides a practical package forwarding service, it is limited by ShippingXPS’s services. Thus, ShippingXPS is an undisputed winner in the search for a dependable, cost-effective, and comprehensive international and national shipping solution.

Ship With Confidence

Due to its extensive offerings, accurate pricing estimates, and dedication to improving customers’ shipping experiences, ShippingXPS emerges as the most reliable and trustworthy choice. Fishisfast offers a package forwarding option, however ShippingXPS’s consolidation, repackaging, and clear pricing show a better degree of skill and focus on the demands of the customer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I begin using ShippingXPS?

Create an account on ShippingXPS’s website to get started. After registering yourself, you’ll have a special US address for use when making online purchases. Provide us the required details, select the services that fit your needs and we will be your shipping partner. 

What makes ShippingXPS the best shipping service providers?

ShippingXPS stands out because of their extensive services, including consolidation, repackaging, and clear pricing, as well as their dedication to satisfying customers. 

Is ShippingXPS appropriate for both companies and individuals?

Absolutely. A wide range of clients, including both businesses and private persons, are served by ShippingXPS.

What is the main difference between Fishisfast and ShippingXPS?

While both service providers offer package consolidation and forwarding, ShippingXPS stands out by offering a wider range of services and cheaper prices. 

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