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Tips For Safe Online Shopping

Who does love you to shop at low prices? Online shopping is easy and convenient since you can have your products delivered directly to your door without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Before shopping make sure that your products get delivered on time and have a suitable warranty which includes a return policy, customer care, and other issues. However, since online commerce has skyrocketed, so have cyber attacks and frauds. Here are some precautions to take when making internet transactions.

Shop Only From Reputable Websites.

If you are new to online purchasing, begin with a reputable and authentic website. If you’re ordering something from a new website, look it up online and read reviews,

but be wary of overly positive feedback; it’s common on social media platforms. Websites often delete negative reviews and keep the positive ones therefore have extensive research about the authenticity of a website.

But when it comes to reputed websites they have built their trust among the buyers. 

Check Into Physical Addresses And Phone Numbers

Look for authentic locations and phone numbers on a company’s website. Double-check the address on Google Maps to see if the address is right.

To be fair, larger online marketplaces such as Amazon also allow third-party resellers, and any complaints that may arise are handled by Amazon.

Make Strong Passwords

Securing your accounts are very important therefore, creates a strong password that is not easy to track. Also, you use two-factor authentication. 

Use A Credit Card For Payment 

Debit cards do not provide the same level of security as credit cards or secure merchants such as PayPal. Consider using only one credit card for online purchasing so that if your card information is taken, you may cancel the card quickly and without affecting other purchases.

Read The Shipping Policies.

Every company has its own policies therefore it is the most important thing to read the policies. See their shipping charges and extra charges.

Look at whether they offer tracking and insurance. Learn about the carriers they use, and be especially cautious if the item will not be transported within 10 days.

Consider The Shipping Charges.

Before placing an order consider the shipping charges, once you have added your products to the cart see your shipping charge because they appear in the last.

Some websites offer free shipping as a strategy to attract customers, while others offer free shipping occasionally.

Also, some websites still provide free or reduced shipping on particular items, transactions over a certain amount, or with a valid coupon code.

Don’t Give Extra Information Than Required.

To complete your order or create your wish list, brands and website do need your personal information.

Therefore only give the information they have asked for. If a complete address or phone number is not required, leave those fields blank.

The more information you make public, the more vulnerable you are to a bad person. And, before submitting your information to a website, check its privacy policies to see where and how your information will be shared.

Be Cautious Of Email Fraud.

Be aware of the fraud emails. Hackers may fool you by getting access to critical information by sending emails with an address that is nearly identical to your colleagues.

If you get a strange email, double-check the message with a coworker, friend, or family member.

Also, you can receive an email claiming that there was a problem with your shipment delivery or that your item is out of stock, along with a link to make an alternative purchase.

If it’s from an unknown sender or there’s a minor difference in the address, don’t open any attachments or links.  

Use Caution When Using Shopping Apps.

Apps have a life so much easier than ever before. Firstly you are advised to download an app from a reputable source such as the Apple store, or Google Play. read all the policies carefully to avoid any mishaps later.

If you see something that doesn’t make sense, such as access to your contacts, make sure you deny the app access to it.

Another technique to detect suspicious activity is to read the comments and reviews of an app before downloading it.

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