Shop Comfortable, Warm, And Cozy Blankets For All Seasons
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Shop Comfortable, Warm, And Cozy Blankets For All Seasons

Looking for a blanket that fulfills all your needs? Well, finding the perfect blanket is a myth for those who gave up early. Some questions may come across your mind before buying a blanket, Is the material enjoyable?

What about the size? Does it give you the desired level of comfort and warmth? Can I use it for multiple purposes? Well, if these thoughts worry you don’t worry because ShippingXPS has a lot to offer you.  

Browse a range of materials, colors, and dimensions to create your own concept of the perfect blanket.

Once you’ve decided, you can shop for your favorites anywhere in the world without worrying about whether the US-based store ships to your country. Instead, take advantage of having a US address by delivering your things swiftly with ShippingXPS.

Thick And Heavy Warm Blankets 

Blankets are your best friend on cold nights, it makes everything cozier and more comfortable. The problem is that it is your body that generates the heat, not the blanket.

These blankets operate as a protective covering against radiant heat loss, trapping it instead in the user’s body via convection. Get your think and warmly delivered in your footsteps in no time at affordable prices. 

Select The Appropriate Size Of Blanket

Size is the first thing to consider when it comes to selecting the blanket for you. Buy a blanket according to your bed size.

Select a large blanket that can cover your mattress and has a few extra inches to tuck in around the borders. We have mentioned sizes or blankets that will help you in selection: 

  • Single blankets: 90cm x 200cm 
  • Double blankets: 135cm x 200cm 
  • Queen size: 160cm x 200cm 
  • King size: 180cm x 200cm
  • Super King: 200cm × 200cm 

Get Yourself The Right Material For Winters

Don’t torture yourself with cold nights and reach for a blanket to offer an extra layer of pleasant warmth to your bed.

Many people do not select the right material for blankets. Consider size, warmth, color, texture, and material when you get the blanket.

Although selecting the proper one is rather simple, there is a little more to it than that. Have a look at the different materials of the blanket: 

  • Cotton blankets are perfect for the months of summer, spring, and autumn. They burn more slowly and can provide additional warmth in cold weather when used in conjunction with a microfibre blanket. Cotton blankets are useful when a sheet alone is insufficiently warm.
  • Wool blankets are more traditional blankets that provide good thermal regulation throughout the cooler months.
  • They are thicker, warmer, and made of a more robust fabric. They breathe properly because they are made of natural fibers.
  • Microfiber blankets, which come in a variety of GSM, are usually used on cold winter nights. It is made of synthetic fiber that is finer than a thread and smaller than the diameter of a silk strand. Synthetic blankets are comfortable, but they tend to attract a lot of static electricity and hold onto hair, dust, and lose threads.
  • Fleece blankets are soft and very warm, making them ideal for children. It is effective at wicking away moisture, which is another advantage when put on a child’s bed.
  • Vellux, sometimes known as “hotel blankets,” have a thin foam core wrapped by soft nylon plush with a velvety texture. Vellux blankets are hypoallergenic, can withstand repeated washings at high temperatures, and are warm and soft.
  • Electric blankets are constructed of synthetic textiles that house electric heating elements. This style of the blanket allows you to regulate the temperature to your particular preference. Some include multiple settings, allowing you and your companion to configure the separate sides of the blanket to the temperature you like. Electric blankets, on the other hand, should not be used in conjunction with a comforter or another blanket and are not recommended for use in children’s bedrooms.

Get Your Favorite Blanket Shipped From ShippingXPS. 

We offer different services to provide your item at your door. Sign in, select our services according to your convinced and get your blankets delivered to your destination. So what are you waiting for? Let ShippingXPS work for you.

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