How To Shop With ShippingXPS From The USA To The UK?
USA to the UK

How To Shop With ShippingXPS From The USA To The UK?

ShippingXPS is a smart delivery service that helps you deliver your online orders from stores in the USA to the UK, cost-effectively! Saving money is the number one reason for using ShippingXPS. We deliver your shipment tax-free which is 80% cheaper than other shipping companies. Customers in the UK like that they have a USA address with ShippingXPS allows them to save money on electronics, clothing, make-up, auto accessories, cellphones, perfume, and other items.

Why ShippingXPS?

A Lot of questions must be hitting you about ShippingXPS right now.ShippingXPS gives you fast delivery of package services from the USA to your place. It must be hectic and annoying to order things individually and get them delivered costly. We are here to ease your situation and make your shopping enjoyable!

If you shop directly from the store and get them shipped from renowned shipping carriers it will cost you so much. Therefore, ShippingXPS will help you to save 80% of your shipping cost and get your packages delivered at one time. ShippingXPS is easy on the pocket.

Are you worried about being charged more? ShippingXPS is providing amazing services worldwide. Unlike other shipping companies, we do not charge extra for shipping, handling, storage, and repacking. We provide quality service to our customers at affordable prices.

· FREE USA Shipment Addresses

· FREE Membership

· Trusted Shipping Partners

· Tax-Free Shipping Address

· FREE photos of your packages

· Repacking

· Merging Service

· Lowest Shipping Rates

· 60 Days of FREE Storage

· No Hidden Fees

· FREE Consolidation

· Responsive Customer Service

· Fast Delivery

How To Shop?

Are you willing to shop from a USA store online but unaware of the shipping procedure? No worries, you will find the easy shipping procedure here. The first step is to become a member of ShippingXPS and get your virtual USA shipping address. Get your shipment shipped to the UK in no time. To shop from the USA store online follow the instructions below:

· Sign up for ShippingXPS and get a free address in the USA

· Shop online from your favorite stores in the USA and give your ShippingXPS address.

· Pay the amount and get it delivered to your doorstep.

Taxes And Duties

Do I have to pay taxes and duties? Well, the answer to this question is that every country has its own rules and policies. You have to pay tax on entire products, not just on the value of the above allowance. For that matter what we suggest is: Please consult your local customs office for laws and restrictions on personal imports before you make the purchase.


The cost of shipment is entirely based on factors such as package weight, dimensions, and carrier selection. We do have a ShippingXPS calculator, you can easily calculate your shipping cost. However, since our warehouse is in Delaware, we do not charge any tax. You can get your parcel tax-free without any inconvenience. So ordering from ShippingXPS is a win-win situation for all the customers.

Save Up To 80%

Surprise!!! Save up to 80% when you shop from your favorite USA stores and consolidate your items. ShippingXPS is the cheapest option to ship from the United States to the United Kingdom! Get your favorite products booked from USA brands and trust ShippingXPS for the shipment procedure. We provide the most convenient options for customers. It is extremely easy to order from ShippingXPS.

Isn’t it exciting to get your shipping at a low cost? Despite the fact that there are countless options for shipment, select ShippingXPS because we provide the best services to our customers. We have our warehouse in Delaware therefore our shipping is TAX-FREE. It is a treat for our customers to get the TAX-FREE shipment. Take advantage and get your shipment booked by now.

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